From the Town Historian: Chazy history came to life on October 8-11th, 2021 as DIGSTOCK’S coin, bottle, and metal detecting hobbyists took over many of the farm fields in Chazy to hunt for colonial, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 relics.  DIGSTOCK Founder, Pete Sorrell, organized the event attended by over 600 enthusiasts while Clinton County Historical Association’s Helen Nerska & Julie Dowd and Chazy Town Historian, Ellen Riley, were on hand to observe the finds.  Those looking for treasures came from as far away as Vancouver, Washington State, and Texas to join in the fun. For some it was a family event like Liam (age 11 who started the hobby at age 3) from Cooperstown area with his Dad, Teresa, who found an 18o6 copper coin, who was with her sisters in a group called Swinging Sisters Metal Detecting, and Tony and his Dad from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin who found some War of 1812 musket balls. Some of the treasurers which detectorists were delighted to share are below: